Shards of Destiny

Vendresta's Crypt

The party finds and plunders an ancient unknown tomb after finding a mysterious scroll in a treasure chest amongst goblin pirate loot. Many undead guardians are slain and some treasure is discovered but the Lich Vendresta is released from his 100 year prison.

After asking around in Cutter’s Crossing the party discovers that Vendresta was a powerful Lich who was captured by a stalwart adventuring group, known as the River Raiders, nearly 100 years ago. Powerful priests and mages had the people of Malor Cove construct the underwater tomb and with their magic he was imprisoned there.

After piecing together the parchment fragments found in the crypt Arabis and his party have discovered that Vendresta was gathering information about the land known as Zekaria. His notes indicate that he has discovered a powerful artifact that can release his undead followers from Gelidia. He intends to lead his undead army to the perpetual darkness of Zekaria where he will prepare his revenge upon the sunlit lands of Valyth.



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