Spoon of Tasty Goodness

A magical spoon of "making shit delicious".


This spoon has the ability to instantly turn any spoonful of water into the most delicious tasting soup you can possibly fathom. Never again shall you go hungry, so long as you have this trusty spoon, and some water.


This spoon was hand crafted in the heart of Mount Esculentus by a Garvle Soupchaser. Having spent his entire life searching for the perfect bowl of soup, he finally lost hope in ever finding it, and crafted this magical spoon. However, if the spoon were to ever magically create tomato soup because of its holder’s desire, it would rip a hole in space and time, and transport the holder and everything within 10d100 feet to a random plane of existence. Also, everything you eat from then on tastes only like tomato soup. That stuff sucks.

Spoon of Tasty Goodness

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