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    !(media-item-align-left)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/222652/N.png(N)! ames are presented here to represent each of the iconic appellations presented in the D&D Next rules. The gods of Vālyth can take on the appearance of any person or creature …

  • Arrex the Arcanist

    *Alignment •* Chaotic Good *Favorite Avatar •* A very old, usually senile, male of the follower’s race with tattered cloths and long tangled silver hair. *Domains •* Chaos, Dreams, Good, Knowledge, Magic

  • Certus the Protector

    *Alignment •* Lawful Neutral *Favorite Avatar •* A male of the follower’s race of unusual wisdom and patience. *Domains •* Air, Animals, Balance, Earth, Fire, Law, Nature, Plants, Protection, Water

  • Drune the Warbringer

    *Alignment •* Lawful Evil *Favorite Avatar •* A towering male of the follower’s race wielding a brutal looking battle axe, usually dripping with blood. *Domains •* Destruction, Evil, Law, War

  • Estima the Lightbringer

    *Alignment •* Lawful Good *Favorite Avatar •* A vague female form of the follower’s race that is usually cloaked in bright sunlight to such a degree that her physical form cannot be clearly seen. *Domains •* Good, Law, Protection, War, Radiance, …

  • Shalon the Lifegiver

    *Alignment •* Neutral Good *Favorite Avatar •* A gray haired and very nurturing female of the follower’s race. *Domains •* Birth, Good, Healing, Protection

  • Strife the Stormcaller

    *Alignment •* Chaotic Neutral *Favorite Avatar •* An above average height warrior of the follower’s race wielding a massive hammer that claps thunder when it strikes. *Domains •* Chaos, Storms, Strength, War

  • Tenelb the Trickster

    *Alignment •* Chaotic Evil *Favorite Avatar •* A young, attractive and usually flirtatious, dark haired, halfling of the follower’s race. Her role as trickster, however, requires her to often take on many forms. *Domains •* Chaos, Evil, Lies, Luck, …