Shards of Destiny

Swamp Water Rendezvous

     The party discover’s a small river island named Vend Rapids where there is a small settlement built to accommodate sailors of all sorts. Goblins, orcs, humans and many others mingle in the docks and taverns of the rapids under the watchful eye of an intimidating half-orc named Vend Merk. He is the owner of the island and considers himself judge, jury and executioner for all things that transpire on his land.
     The group finds a goblin in the Sordfish (the misspelling is correct) Tavern and discovers that he is the captain of the ship they recently appropriated (The Reaver). His name is Captain Claw and he is a member of the Bloodtide Pirates (a mostly goblin pirate band) operating on the Stillwater River. The goblin tells them that he traded Galvin Droln’s traveling companion/lackey (a human named Daniel Gray) to the Black Skull Pirates in exchange for a new ship (named the Seastar). The Black Skull (orc pirates) and the Bloodtide (goblin pirates) have little love lost between them.
     The group also meets and hires William Deskin “Yardarm Bill” (middle aged human sailor) to help them with the ship and possible round up some more crew in Cutter’s Crossing. The party then sets out for Melahnza’s Swamp in search of the pirates who took Daniel Gray. Upon entering the overgrown waterways of the swamp in a rowboat they soon discover a ship half sunken and burning. Numerous dead bodies are scattered in the area and the party rescues the lone survivor of the attack from a small band of Black Skull orcs. The man’s name is Valian Wheir and he is a priest of the Veldic order serving under Bishop Uther Kreth at the Abbey of Drune, in Cutter’s Crossing. He and his crew were sent here to rendezvous with the Black Skull pirates and exchange a ransom for the release of Daniel Gray. Needless to say the plan didn’t go so well and Valian suspects a mercenary by the name of Ashar Shadowblade may have betrayed his plans to the orcs for her own benefit. He had offered her a job on the crew for this trip but she respectfully declined.
     The party now explores some caves in the southern side of the Slantrock Mountains that are partially water filled and large enough to harbor the Black Skull pirates along with their ships.

Vendresta's Crypt

The party finds and plunders an ancient unknown tomb after finding a mysterious scroll in a treasure chest amongst goblin pirate loot. Many undead guardians are slain and some treasure is discovered but the Lich Vendresta is released from his 100 year prison.

After asking around in Cutter’s Crossing the party discovers that Vendresta was a powerful Lich who was captured by a stalwart adventuring group, known as the River Raiders, nearly 100 years ago. Powerful priests and mages had the people of Malor Cove construct the underwater tomb and with their magic he was imprisoned there.

After piecing together the parchment fragments found in the crypt Arabis and his party have discovered that Vendresta was gathering information about the land known as Zekaria. His notes indicate that he has discovered a powerful artifact that can release his undead followers from Gelidia. He intends to lead his undead army to the perpetual darkness of Zekaria where he will prepare his revenge upon the sunlit lands of Valyth.

Humble Beginnings

Tracked a band of kobold raiders to their lair and recovered Galvin Droln’s belongings, including his book. Galvin was traveling from Arthon to Cutter’s Crossing for his friend Uther Kreth’s birthday. The book was an ancient religious writing that his friend had displayed interest in during a discussion last year and he had found it in Arthon and intended to give it to Uther as a birthday gift. Discovered that his travelling companion (Daniel Gray) was not killed and was actually taken captive by a band of goblin pirates called the Bloodtide Pirates. The party receives some loot, a +1 dagger and 150XP (30 each).


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