The Kingdom of Veldoom

  • Capital: Vikala
  • Ruling Title: Warlord
  • Current Ruler: Vanther Blackmane
  • Government: Dictatorship
  • Dominant Climate/Terrain: Temperate/Subarctic Plains and Mountains
  • Dominant Creed: Chaotic Neutral

ome to the Veldic Dynasty, Veldoom is a harsh landscape of mostly frozen tundra. The northern farmlands can grow crops only three months out of the year, lending to the reason that most choose to raise sheep and other herd animals that can resist the cold. Most outsiders consider the Veldic to be brutal savages, bent on war and conquest.
      The Veldic love their homeland, but with their swelling population, they fully understand that it cannot long support their numbers. This is contrast by the fact that the virile males of Veldoom are encouraged to take multiple wives and populate the warrior ranks with as many offspring as possible.
      Whenever a Bloodmoon rises a three day festival ensues. The throne of Veldoom is challenged by any that seek to sit upon it. The ruling ruling Warlord must defend his throne in combat or lose it to the challenger, in a battle to the death. Warlord Vanther Blackmane has held the throne for three years running. The capital of Veldoom is Vikala.

All personalities in Veldoom are human unless noted otherwise.

Points of Interest:

The Kingdom of Veldoom

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